The future of fuels is here in the form of hydrogen fuel cells and the all-new 2017 Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle is ready to open your eyes to the world of alternative fuel and clean emissions! Of course, like electric vehicles before it, it might not be immediately obvious how to refuel your vehicle but the automaker has some easy instructions on how to fill your Clarity back up quick and easy.

Refueling your Honda Clarity should only take about three to five minutes. Simply press a button in the cabin to open the fuel door, take off the dust cap, and attach the nozzle just like a traditional gasoline-fuel vehicle. Once your tank is full, you'll be all done and ready to head out on another emissions-free adventure.

We don't current have the Clarity in our selection of new Honda models but we certainly could in the future! If you're more interested in what he current lineup does offer, come out to see us here at Pearson Honda and prepare to be amazed.

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