Honda Offers COVID-19 Relief

Honda Offers COVID-19 Relief

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COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge, and during this trying time, Honda is working to not only support their business partners and associates but also their customers like you throughout North American. They are also supporting communities throughout the region where people are suffering the most devastating effects of their pandemic. We are going over the actions that Honda has taken thus far in their response COVID-19 below, so continue reading!

Supporting Frontline Healthcare Providers

Honda provided the City of Detroit with 10 modified Odyssey minivans to transport healthcare workers and those that have been potentially infected with COVID-19. These vans feature a plastic barrier behind the front seating area and modifications to the ventilation system to maintain the air pressure difference between the two seating areas. This helps protect the health of the driver from potential droplet infection. They also teamed up with Dynaflo Inc. to produce a key component of portable ventilation called diaphragm compressors. These machines are used in first responders and hospitals to assist those with COVID-19 to breathe. The partnership between the two companies aims to produce 10,000 compressors each month. The auto company is also utilizing 3D printers to manufacture face shield parts, donating personal protective equipment, and meet manufacturing needs for much needed medical equipment by partnering with other companies.

Supporting the Community

To harness the spirit of community, Honda has initiated comprehensive new efforts in response to COVID-19. To address the immediate needs of communities not only across the United States but also Canada and Mexico, Honda has pledged 1 million dollars to provide food to the most vulnerable. Honda has also created a COVID-19 Special Matching Gift Program that enables associates to make monetary donations to local food programs, matching up to 1,000 dollars for every individual associate. This matching fund is in addition to the 1 million dollars pledged to address food insecurity. The Honda Center, an entertainment venue in southern California has been transformed into a food pantry's distribution center that can practice social distancing. While maintaining social distancing, Honda is empowering their associates across North America to volunteer virtually in their local communities. These activities include shopping for elderly neighbors, volunteering at a food pantry, and utilizing social media.

Supporting Customers

COVID-19 has caused a lot of financial stress on Honda customers and the company has established a number of emergency relief measures to help them. These measures include payment extensions, deferrals, and late fee waivers. They have also created the 90 Days to First Payment Program, and opened service centers as vehicles are essential to many.

Pearson Honda and COVID-19

Here at Pearson Honda, we are doing everything we can to follow the regulations set out by the federal and local governments to ensure the health of our customers and staff. We are practicing social distancing and sanitizing surfaces throughout the day to keep everyone healthy and safe. If your Honda vehicle is in need of service please reach out to set up an appointment. If you have any questions about how we are handling their challenging times, please contact us over the phone or with our contact form.

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